Black Valentines’ Day: No Flowers, Chocolates

So the other day, a day before Valentines' Day after a class, I was held up by a group of young ladies in a discussion about Classic American Literature. Mostly the poetry of Claude McKay who featured prominently in The Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. Claude who was a Jamaican, had moved into America and… Continue reading Black Valentines’ Day: No Flowers, Chocolates

The 5 Languages of Love

14th February 2019 it is. The day of St. Valentine. The day we believe love should be expressed to its fullest; although I completely don't understand why it should be just a day of the 352 days of the calendar. Of course there are those who do not believe in whatever it is there is… Continue reading The 5 Languages of Love

Welcome to February With Love..

Yaay it is February already! I know it is the eighth day but come on cut me some slack. Life gets busy sometimes dates come and go without my notice. Sounds odd??? Don't sweat overthinking how busy I am, am super busy. Anyway, the month of love is here! Let's make merry, drink and toss… Continue reading Welcome to February With Love..

Bespectacled Problems

Embu town is beautiful. Serene. Lush places. People minding their businesses. A lot of mogokha and miraa, of course. Clean swept roads. A pizza something past KCB Bank, the same lane with Safaricom. A level 4 or 5 hospital opposite a certain 3 or 4 star hotel and grill. A small Huduma Centre opposite the… Continue reading Bespectacled Problems

The Ideal

He had been seated there for probably an hour or so. Deeply engrossed in a book and occasionally sipping some properly mixed Mojito. His beard looked somehow young, probably in the brink of its teenage hood. He hardly ever had a moustache this guy. His head always had hair at least 2cms long. Maybe because… Continue reading The Ideal

How To Free Up your Mind

A beautiful novel was published few weeks ago on amazon by one Lexa Lubanga. Such artistry and self belief. I will lie if I said I have read Girl On The Other Side, but I have it. Girl has a voice through her blogs and an entitlement to love and everything about it. Am excited… Continue reading How To Free Up your Mind